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new game out

2010-07-23 15:45:38 by jay37

well came out with the escape game. idk if it good but i tried my best. it pretty easy if you don't getter thought it i will lol in your general can you ecaspe the room? mumamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama mamamama ok iam dome.

new game out

new movie

2010-07-04 00:12:37 by jay37

well a new movie. so what in the box it up to you, but i think you well like the one i give to you. play and vote. =)

new movie

new RPG game

2010-06-15 15:09:37 by jay37

Well I finshed make my fisrt game. Nothing good but its a start. Hopefully my next game will come out better. Stay tune.

new RPG game

new art

2010-03-27 14:12:58 by jay37

i just finsh a drawing. i think it the best i made yet. I would be good if it was scouted. if you like to just go to my art page and there be a scouted thing. Just click it.

three movie now

2010-02-14 20:19:28 by jay37

wow i got three movie dome. and there still on. i think if i can get a flash game ill be go but i now good with actionscript. help would be nice but it is going to be togfh.

two movie made and not blam yay

2009-12-27 14:59:40 by jay37

i have made two movies and not got blam. not that iam can make a good movie iam truning to trying a to make a game. dont know how but ill try. help is need.

help on drawing

2009-03-25 16:40:36 by jay37

hey iam theying to make a ng siper game but i dont know how to darw the siper. i was think of tankmen and makeing a teen size but idk. anyway u can help it be apersaed. my email is <>

well that bad

2008-11-26 20:00:20 by jay37

well i knew that was going to be balmed so i have two choses to game the game wich i need to lend more on how to make a room expsace game or make a gam ill been wanting to make but going to take a long time i going to try to make the room ecpaes game ibut i need some tip on those tipe of game if u know how to make seuring exsape game could you help iam having touble.

made my first movie (yes)

2008-11-26 17:31:59 by jay37

ye made my first movie ye it look bad but it shoe u the game im trying to make.
also i dont know how to make a button (i know it sonds cazy) if there a button tution that show u how to do every button in adobe flash could you send me it thanks.

make soine

2007-12-09 22:26:29 by jay37

jay here iam trying to get a flash sowear but it suold be long. ok maybe not, but iam trying. =]